Tiger Strike Asteroid: Los Angeles (TSA:LA)
presented by MATERIAL GIRLS
March 16 - April 7, 2019

MATERIAL GIRLS is pleased to present Palms, the collective’s first show in LA featuring small sculptures by 15 artists. It is an established social contract that one is permitted to “look but not touch” art objects. Palmsinvites visitors to temporarily transgress this boundary- allowing them to touch, hold, and move the objects within the context of the exhibition. The works rest on a large curvilinear plywood platform that re-directs the automatic choreography of art viewership. Instead of left to right, front to back, viewers will be encouraged to slowly wind through space. With this direct tactile understanding of the work, and a constantly changing “curation” depending on interaction, visitors are entrusted with an art viewing experience that is both fluid and communal.

Each artist was asked to present an object holding boundaries and touch in mind. These considerations emerge from the MATERIAL GIRLS’ broader interest in tactility and bodily awareness of space as a feminist undertaking. In preparation for this exhibition, the participating artists contributed writings and images to a zine, Fronds, that is available to read and purchase at the exhibition.

Palms features the work of:

Yesenia Bello
Cameron Cameron
Cara Chan
Jisoo Chung
Devra Freelander
Hilliary Gabryel
Julieta Gil
Ling-lin Ku
Claire Lachow
Gracelee Lawrence
Amelia Lockwood
Ofelia Marquez
Nina Sarnelle
Rachael Starbuck
Amia Yokoyama
Rachel Youn